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Terrell Monger is Senior Pastor of One Accord Ministries, a thriving and innovative church located in Memphis, Tennessee. He has a passion for reforming, rebuilding and strengthening the image of the Christian community. He profoundly understands the challenges of the human nature that causes people to fall short of God’s plan. Through the ministry God has given him, he recognizes that being led by the Spirit of God can prevent those mistakes from becoming a lifestyle. Therefore he teaches biblical principles that produce social change agents dedicated to winning the influence back for the Kingdom of God. Terrell Monger is an author, songwriter, playwright and agent for social reform through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He shares his life and ministry with his wife, Tiffany and his children Tylon, Makayla, Terrison, and Madison .

About "That's Not My Fight"

Many people will try to give you advice on the type of mate you should have, the type of job you should pursue or the type of life you should live. If you are not careful, you will let someone put their own goals and expectations on you and have you chasing a life you do not truly desire.

The most frustrating thing in life would be to work hard for an idea that was placed in your head; only to achieve it and find out that it is not what you really wanted. Your natural instincts, gifts and interests can lead you to the exact place that you desire to be if you would stop looking for someone to agree with you before you start going after it.

This book is designed to challenge you to return to your original form. It will help you develop your best self so you can live your best life. Love awaits. Life awaits. The world needs to see who YOU are!

About Something She Can Feel

With the follow up to his book “The Art of Strategic Conversation”, which changed the way modern day leaders pursued evangelism; Terrell Monger now brings us “Something She Can Feel” the book that will reform the dynamics of Christian relationships. This book journeys into the emotional needs that women possess and reveals things that men must do to satisfy them. It also exposes inaccurate teachings of fornication but details the truth about pre-marital sex. You will find answers to key questions: Am I ready to be a wife? What are the deal breakers? Is he ready to be a husband? Are you addicted to being single? While most seek to use Biblical teachings on sex to scare you into marriage Terrell Monger uses teachings in this book to provide a vision for healthy and mutually satisfying relationships that add to your life. This book reminds men that if they desire to keep the woman; to please the woman; to satisfy the woman, he must give her Something She Can Feel.



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